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Jill White

Memoirs of a Feral Cat

Memoirs of a Feral Cat

Soft, sweet, and precious. That’s how I entered this world… and that’s how we, the readers are introduced to the world of Molly, an independent feral feline. All she wants is to explore the world around her, but the world has other ideas. She clashes with two-leggers, falls under the spell of catnip, and refuses to lick the paws of a domesticated feline who wants to be the top cat of the cathood. In between rat fights she befriends Old Tom who introduces her to a mystic, a gatekeeper of one of the precious sites of Bastet, protectorate of all things feline. Is our molly destined to be a gatekeeper? Can she survive her tough, feral world including her own curiosity? I promise, it’ll be quite a tail.

Book Cover. Playback: Living Yesterday Today


Living Yesterday Today

Happy retired couple Frank and Elaine Brauer agree to enrich their lives with a new memory recall implant, the DAM. It’s a new technology that enhances life beyond their wildest dreams. The esteemed Dr. Markel guarantees it.

They can relive any wonderful memory they choose from their past. All they have to do is to press the button lodged under the skin of their wrist while thinking back to that special moment.

Dr. Markel promises they will never regret it. “Imagine reliving the thrill of your first kiss,” he says “or that tender moment when holding your new-born baby or the swell of pride as you step over the threshold into your first home.”

But what happens when a bad memory pops up, uninvited? “If you use it correctly, it will never happen,” Dr. Markel says.

After all, what can go wrong?

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Jill White

JJill White resides in Northern California. She has just published her speculative fiction novel, Playback:Living Yesterday Today. Like her first book, Memoirs of a Feral Cat, it is available at Amazon bookstore in paperback and Kindle. She has also written a number of short stories, some of which have been published in anthologies including, Our Readers Will Get It. She is currently working on her sequel to Memoirs of a Feral Cat.

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