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The Wild Road by Gabriel King

Yippee! Another cat story to explore. The Wild Road by Gabriel King is mysterious and nail-biting. It’s the first in a series. The main character, a beautiful silver cat called Tag, is adopted by loving humans that he refers to as Dulls. Anxious to go after some birds he spotted from a window, he manages to get out of the house. At first he is ecstatic about his freedom, but eventually he finds out how difficult it is to survive on the outside as a feral. He soon learns from a mystic feline, Majicou, that he has been chosen to save the King and Queen of cats from the evil Alchemist, a human, of course, and bring them to a special place called Tintagel. Some unlikely misfit characters who include other animals besides cats help him along the way. This is more than just an adventure for Tag. He’s the chosen one. It’s his destiny.

There are some memorable characters in this story, one of them being the aforementioned Majicou. He had me wrapped around his tail early on when he let us read his thoughts at the time the humans decided to take the kitten Tag home. King, G., (1985), The Wild Road, [Kindle], Prologue. Charm them now, he thought. Charm them well. But how will you help yourself when they have charmed you in return? And there was poor Cy, once a victim of the Alchemist. My heart went out to her.

The wild roads are strange, mystical places full of natural forces and best traversed by cats. There are more books in The Wild Road series and I look forward to reading them.

Here is a quote from one review that I totally agree with. The Wild Road a rich and mystical otherworld beyond the ken of most humans. A fascinating, character-rich story, this novel demands to be read. Check out the full review at